Celebrate Free Cone Day With A Chocolatey Tub Of Ben & Jerry's Topped!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

So it may be too early to enjoy this treat – Hang on no it isn’t! Ben & Jerry’s is the perfect ice cream to enjoy at any time of the day. A few weeks ago I told you about their new topped flavours and finally, I managed to get my hands on some.

When my mum went shopping, I asked her to pick up a tub of the Chocolate Cookie Dough. My mum’s favourite flavour is chocolate and as I knew a lot about the ice cream already I wanted her to be the person to trial it to allow for an honest and first response.

Upon opening the tub, you will find a solid milk chocolate top with tiny Ben & Jerry’s milk chocolate logos sitting on top. Underneath all of this is the chunky chocolate ice cream, so I set my mum a task to dig in. Quite literally, as we used the new spoons that the company kindly sent me.

The Chocolate ice cream has a caramel swirl, cookie dough chunks and chocolate included in it, so mum instantly was shocked to find so much in the ice cream underneath an already thick topping. She described it as a chunky kind of Magnum, although I think she may have liked this tub a lot more, as she found lots of reasons to continue to eat out of the tub.

This chocolate treat was enjoyed whilst snuggled up on our sofa and I found that my mum didn’t and wasn’t going to share pretty quickly. It was the perfect treat on our Saturday night for my mum who has been having a bit of a rough time recently.

After seeing her reaction to this flavour, I can’t wait to see, smell and try the other flavours in the range. Especially the Strawberry Swirl, which has a white chocolate top. I hope it is like Baked Alaska so much.

Look out for more taste test posts soon lovelies and for the tubs in your local supermarkets/online!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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