Some Of The Best Irish Films To Celebrate St Patrick's Day With


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To continue with our St Patrick’s Day celebrations, I wanted to celebrate the films that have made me fall head over heels in love with the country that owns my heart. From walking on the same cobbles that they did in Once to visiting the spot where Tom Cruise did the worst Irish accent ever, this post is for all the great Irish films around.

Sláinte to these great Irish films…

Sing Street: From amazing original music to a brilliant storyline, Sing Street will get you in the mood to lift your pint of Guinness high and dance into the night. Set in Dublin, the young boy's story will make you laugh and then cry, but ultimately it will make you fall in love with Ireland.

Once: Probably one of the most famous Irish films ever made, this love story broke away from the conventional and made me dance when I reached Grafton Street last year. Glen Hansard stars in this classic love story with a heart-breaking ending. You will fall fast, not slowly, for this Irish cult classic.

The Commitments: If you love films about music, this is the one to watch before a lot of others. This great story about a band who rocked Dublin and nearly the world will make you smile, laugh and sing, as they recreate some of the most famous songs in the world.

Brooklyn: Starring Saoirse Ronan, the film tells an epic story of new experiences, first loves and heartbreak, as the lead character faces everything that life throws at her. You will be holding your heart throughout because Ronan plays the role so beautifully.

Hunger: Michael Fassbender has always been a huge Irish talent and this film was what cemented him as an actor in the eyes of many. Telling the story of the famous prisoner, Fassbender went to incredible lengths to get the story right and in the end, he made an amazing masterpiece.

The Siege of Jadotville: Released on Netflix last year and starring the Irish heartthrob Jamie Dornan (like I could miss him from the list aha!), The Siege of Jadotville, tells the story of the men who thought of their country when faced with dangerous circumstances. A must watch for anyone interested in Irish history.

What Irish film do you think should have made the list? Or what Irish film will you be watching tonight to celebrate St Patrick’s Day lovelies? Let me know!

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