Happy St Patrick's Day To These Amazing Irish Actors And Actresses!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

If you have been following the blog today, you will have just seen my favourite Irish films to cosy up to on St Patrick’s Day (and every day of the week!) and now I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite Irish talents.

From wanting to see them in every film and TV show to just wanting to go out and dance the night away with them, there is a real mix here, because I couldn’t not include anyone. Happy St Patrick’s Day to these amazing Irish lovelies (and to all of you lovely people too) …

Cillian Murphy: If you have ever watched Peaky Blinders, then you will know that the love for this man is real and I will never stop being amazed by his blue eyes. Honestly, they suck you in lovelies!

Chris O’Dowd: Whenever you need to laugh, just watch Chris O’Dowd in The IT Crowd or The Boat That Rocked, because he is just amazing! I love his sweet on screen nature and we will never forget the incident with the fly either.

Jamie Dornan: Oh, my where do I start! You know what I can’t! This Irish man is just too much and he holds a very dear place in my heart aha! Plus, The Fall is just an epic TV show.

Brendan Gleeson: An Irish acting hero, this man has taken on every role and made it his own. Long live Brendan Gleeson!

Michael Fassbender: Fassbender has made us laugh, cry, hate and then fall back in love with him since we first saw him in Hunger. Playing literary heroes to evil real villains, there is no stopping this man.

Liam Neeson: If you like Liam Neeson like I do, then I will find you and I will celebrate with you because he will always be the coolest dad figure around. In Taken, Love Actually and many more, there isn’t a man who has played the dad fighting for their child like Neeson.

Saoirse Ronan: Ronan has won us over with her amazing talents since appearing in Atonement (Yes, I know we don’t like the character) and since then she has gone on to be a huge Irish star. If you haven’t seen Brooklyn yet, you have to see it ASAP lovelies.

Andrew Scott: I want to break free and run away with Andrew Scott because his part in Pride just breaks my heart every time. I want to live with him and go out all night dancing with him, as long as he doesn’t turn into Moriarty halfway through the evening.

Aisling Bea: Funny, sweet and above all else not afraid to just be herself, Aisling Bea is rocking the comedy circuit and making us all laugh with her very funny ways.

Aidan Turner: Poldark may have lost our hearts after the last season, but that doesn’t mean we are not all still in love with Turner. When I first heard his Irish accent, I had to sit down. Just YouTube it lovelies and you will see what I mean.

Domhnall Gleeson: Rising above and beyond, Gleeson is not only the son of Brendan but the most lovable figure in About Time, one of the most powerful actors in Frank and the cutest person in real life. Who doesn’t love him?

Sharron Horgan: Catastrophe! No more words are needed! Horgan is just amazing because of this show and her whole amazing attitude to life.

Brendan O'Carroll: I don’t care what anyone says, I love Mrs Browns Boys and it often makes me laugh out loud. Honestly lovelies, it is the perfect treat to enjoy whenever you are feeling down because O’Carroll has made a show that just understands what you need at the right time.

Who do you love that is Irish lovelies? I could have added so many more to this list but I thought I better stop aha!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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