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With the new season of Follow The Money coming out very soon on home release, I spoke to the creator and writer of the show, Jeppe Gjervig Gram about his favourite moments, what we can expect in the new season and what is he working on next.

And it was all very exciting...

Firstly, congratulations on such a fantastic second series. How does it feel to hear such good things about it?
It is absolutely wonderful. When you do a big show in Denmark, you focus a lot on the Danish audience, because we simply have to succeed here first and foremost. So when a foreign audience enjoys it as well, it is such a magical feeling of your story suddenly taking on a new life on its own abroad. It is just as exhilarating as back when Borgen was first broadcast in the UK and we were taken aback with the unexpected embrace by the British audience.

To be honest I think it actually helps when we are doing a show that we don’t focus to much on it being ‘international’. I truly believe that the secret behind the good Danish shows are that we tell stories about what we know, from our specific Danish point-of-views – and that through this local approach, they appeal globally. If they are good stories, obviously.

For those who haven’t seen the second series, could you sum it up for us please?
Last season focused on fraud in the green energy sector - this time we move into the world of banking. A bankruptcy for a small business owner gets a very tragic outcome, and the very dirty trail left behind leads Mads into a huge case of fraud at the heart of one of the largest bank in the country. Claudia has served her time, but getting out of jail as an ex-con lawyer is not easy – however she gets an offer from Christensen, the man behind the Energreen fraud that gives her a chance to redeem herself. And Nicky is on a dark path as the young apprentice of none other than the sinister and violent ‘fixer’ The Swede.

How did you find it preparing to make the second series? Did you have any tips or tricks from making series one?
Doing season 1 was a great experience, but also one of learning. Writing a series about finance feel a lot like pioneering work, since there weren’t really any existing series in that genre that we could draw inspiration from. It is a very complex subject matter for drama – even more so than politics, which was a great challenge too working on Borgen – so we had to learn along the way how to make complex stories of finance work – both be credible and engage an audience. In season 2 we were able to draw on those experiences, when looking for the right blend of financial, thriller and character storylines.

Is there a moment in the second series that you think people should look out for or that you enjoyed best? Why this scene?
You are asking a father to choose among his children! Of course I have favourite moments, but it feels like betrayal to pick only one. And I don’t want to spoil anything. Being put on the spot, I would have to say the Nicky-storyline of the botched kidnapping in episode 6 - I think Esben Smed is doing terrific work - though also some of the Mads and Kristina moments towards the end are very, very dear to me. But then both Alf, The Swede and Claudia all, too, have many scenes that I am very proud of.

Is there going to be a third series? If so where do you see the characters and the story going?
Well, I am actually not authorized to be very specific about that… but we are developing a story line and scripts for a new season at the moment. It is all very secret. So I cannot spoil anything.

Finally, can you tell us about what you are working on now or what we can look forward to seeing you in in the future?
I am working full time on the above.

Don’t miss the second season of Follow The Money when it comes out on DVD on the 10th April!

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