Check Out The First Trailer For The Promise Starring Oscar Isaac


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Okay, so it is time for a new film now lovelies! Starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Charlotte le Bon, I am happy to introduce you all to The Promise!

Set in 1914, the film follows its characters as the Great War threatens the world and the Ottoman Empire is about to crumble. In Bosporus, Constantinople is in the midst of chaos, when Michael Boghosian arrives as a medical student, who wants to take medicine back to Siroun, a village in Southern Turkey where Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians have lived side by side for centuries.

In Siroun, Photo-journalist Chris Myers is working on covering the events before him. It is on his journey that he falls for Ana, an Armenian artist who he has followed from Paris after the death of her father. However, when Michael meets Ana and the pair fall for each other, the two men find that they must battle to win her heart, whilst also fighting the Empire’s violent turn. Together their rivalry may also be the thing that makes them stronger, as they promise to live and tell their story.

The film isn’t out until the 28th April, but you can watch the trailer for it now lovelies…

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