Cadbury's Have Launched The Ultimate And Biggest Film Night In Treat Ever!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Okay, so this afternoon I am calling it Foodie Wednesday because I have two new products to tell you about that are going to make your next cinema or at home, film nights the ultimate treat!

Starting with this exciting news from Cadbury, who have launched a new share bar, which is Peanut Caramel flavour. With real peanut pieces and a caramel and peanut filling, the bar has a new peanut design to match and pulls apart in that perfect way many of you will imagine.

As soon as you open the packet, in fact, you are greeted with a gorgeous smell. It is a mixture of pure sweet treats and the realisation that you may not be able to share the bar, even though that is what it is for lovelies.

Seeing as it is a new product, I called upon my regular taste tester, my mum, who was more than happy to trial the bar. As I know she is not a massive peanut butter or peanut fan, unless it is just the plain nuts or in an actually nut form in chocolate, I was a little worried about her reaction. But, she shocked me as always.

Upon finishing her first bite she told me that it reminded her of a Snickers bar. She said that the peanuts gave off a similar flavour, but because of the peanut filling it was a little bit more instense and she liked that about the bar. As I said before, after having your first bite you might not want to share and my mum is prime example, as she now has the bar sat next to her desk in our dining room. And I know that it will probably all be gone very soon aha!

If you are looking for a new cinema treat or something to enjoy on your next film night in lovelies, then keep an eye out for this bar in your local shop or supermarket. And we do not judge on this blog if you eat the whole bar! I say GO FOR IT!

In fact, whilst we are talking about Cadbury, I want to thank them for these amazing Easter treats! They will be a real treat on the big day, as I plan to treat my family to a little Easter adventure around the house.

What is your favourite snack or chocolate to enjoy during a film night lovelies?

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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