Baby Dove Is The Sweetest Thing You Will See Today Lovelies!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Last week I fell into a Dove love fest! Honestly, seeing all the new products, testing them and having the skin I have now is why I love them so much.

And now they have done something else amazing! They have brought their amazing skin care range out in a baby formula, which has been created with care and attention.

The bottles are small and very stylish, whilst also built with a design that makes it easier for mum and dad to use, as they bath their baby/babies.

When I saw these, I instantly wanted to use them myself. I loved the smell, look and technical way they had been created. Plus as someone who suffers from sensitive skin, baby products are sometimes the best thing around.

After trying these last night, although I gave the nappy cream a miss (however, if I get a spot this could be my dream), I found myself falling into a soft sweet pool that left my skin feeling fresh and light.

If you are a new parent, about to have a baby or already have children, I would suggest these are the products for you. I know everyone can say that but these really did feel light on my skin whilst also leaving a new scent on my skin.

I sometimes find with other baby products that they don't smell as good. And if you are like me and don't want kids, then they are the perfect treat for you too! Just think of how nice they would look on your shelves!

You can find out more lovelies on Dove UK's website, which you can find here:

Dove has done it again lovelies! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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