Pulled An Oscars All Nighter? Let Mad Beauty Help You Get Back To Normal


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Okay, so I am definitely feeling the after effects of getting no sleep last night/this morning lovelies! Everything aches and I am in some serious need to be pampered, which is why I have never been so thankful to a company as I am right now to Mad Beauty. Finally, I may be able to look like the stars below!

After launching their new Mad About You collection, the company also sent me a lovely collection of goodies that are the perfect way to recover and pamper yourself with after a big night at the Oscars or watching it lovelies.

With something to suit every one of your needs, they have prepared me to fix myself up and get ready to return to work tomorrow. From a gorgeous panda facemask, which will make me look cuter than I feel I do right now, to sweet biscuit inspired nail files, my pamper session is about to begin.

First up I am going to use the gorgeously scented bath bombs from the Mad About You collection in a warm snuggly bath, where I will, in fact, turn into a dog with this amazing headband that will keep my hair nice and dry and off my face.

Once out and all moisturised, my next step to going back to normally will involve me becoming a Panda! Oh, yes you read that right! With this amazing face mask, I am going to let the inner animal come out (It often does if I get hanger aha!) and let my face, which is feeling horrid after getting no sleep turn back to normal.

Before using the nail file and hand cream from the new collections to help restore my hands after a lot of typing during the night. It is actually quite shocking how bad my hands get from using a keyboard so much lovelies.

After all this, Mad Beauty would have saved the day and made me look a bit more human before I walk out the door tomorrow morning. Because honestly, no one wants to see what this is going to look like tomorrow lovelies.

I am so thankful for the items they sent me and I could not encourage any of you lovelies who also stayed up to have a look at their cool items that will help you feel normal again. You can find them here lovelies: http://www.madbeauty.com/

Did you stay up and watch the Oscars? How are you treating yourself tonight to return to normal? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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