My Darling Clementine DVD Review


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Back in the 40s, a great film known as My Darling Clementine took over the western genre. Starring Henry Fonda, Linda Darnell and Victor Mature, the film became an inspiration to many famous faces we see today on the big screen including Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell.

First played by Fonda in 1946, the role of Wyatt Earp, has been one that has been played many times before. But none have matched up to Fonda’s portrayal of the famous figure. Telling the story of the period leading up to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the film shows Earp trying to avenge the death of his brother and the relationships he builds along the way with Doc Holliday.

Classic films like this show and demonstrate just how much the Western genre has changed over the past few years. The classic John Ford film, highlights to audiences that the genre has taken on a new role, but the best from it come from the original time period in which the films were made.

Fonda is at his best here and the people that carry on playing this role in the future will have to live up to the expectations he has planted. The script is thrilling and entertaining, something many westerns failed to do and it is this that has probably made it such a remember able film.

In the stunning new 4K format, the film has been given the star treatment and there so I am giving it this darling…

4 Stars

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