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Ken Loach has always been a director who brings realism to life on screen. Sometimes his world can seem a bit too bleak or dark, but ultimately his worlds and what he is representing is the one that we are all familiar with. His latest film, I, Daniel Blake, which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, definitely matches to something that happened to my family.

Focusing on Dan, a man who after suffering a heart attack seeks to find work but is advised not to, must go on benefits and a single mother called Katie, the film shows the hardships the pair face when trying to live.

Not one to hold back, Loach shows audiences that there is something very wrong with our benefits system and the way in which some of those on it are treated. Dan is a person who wants to work, so when we see him struggling because of the effects not working does to him.

From filling out a mad number of forms to falling in different categories, Dan is struggling to find where he stands with the state members around him. As is the character of Katie, who has to move her children to be able to get a flat.

Loach has used his return to show his anger. There is comedy in this film, but it isn’t the kind that will leave you feeling all warm inside. It is used to try and break up some of the despair that the characters on screen are facing. Something that seems to reflect what must have been going on in Loach’s mind so much so that he came out of retirement to make the film.

The way he shows how the world is always moving but the people in it are not, highlights a powerful message that this country and the world in fact needs to start thinking about the people in it and how they can be helped. It is a film based on the many protests that we are all facing at the moment.

As I stated before the film touches a personal matter for my as my dad was told it would be best to go on a state pension instead of returning to work, even though he wanted to work and was desperate to do so. I know that I am not the only one who will have a story like this to share and this is what this film has ultimately succeeded in doing.

It is showing the world the people that have been let down and the people that we need to help to make sure that films like this don’t have to be made anymore. It is just something we can use to highlight change and the need for it.

Loach is a talent that the film world should be thankful for and I, Daniel Blake is going to be one of his most, if not his most, memorable film ever. It deserves ever piece of the Cannes Film Festival award it picked up.

There so I am giving it...

5 Stars

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Joey X

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