LEGO Nexo Knights Season One DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the weekend a lot of you will have fallen into the world of The LEGO Batman! Whilst I went Fifty Shades Darker to Manchester By The Sea and a few more film worlds. However, I did get to see a bit of LEGO goodness this weekend in the form of series one of the LEGO Nexo Knights show.

Out on DVD today, the animated LEGO world brings to life another one of their collections to tell the stories of the different knights from the LEGO products. Focusing on the knights of justice, truth and bravery, the show is a fun hit for children and adults awaiting the next big LEGO film.

With no worries about anything not being suitable, this is a good wholesome family fun filled show that will keep all of the family entertained during the viewings. As well, with episodes only lasting up to 25 minutes each, there is a sense that you could binge-watch or limit the amount that you or your child is watching.

Now on its third season on Cartoon Network in the US and UK, the show is sure to continue for a long time, as we all get stuck into the LEGO franchise and their brilliant films and TV shows. If LEGO Batman has left you wanting more over the weekend this is the show to watch.

And that is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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