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Good Morning Lovelies,

On my 15th birthday, a new tradition was born. When it comes to the big day, I or those with me must end the night or start my birthday watching a horror film. This all began because of Blair Witch Project and the brilliant way the low-budget film made us jump, scream and then laugh about it afterwards.

In 2016 news broke that a follow up film was coming and there was a lot of mystery surrounding it. Going back in time, but also staying in the present, the film captures a group returning to the famous woods to try and find Heather from the first film. The reason behind this is the leader, James is her brother.

Unlike the first film, this one has modernised with the times, as wearable technology, for example Go Pros, takes over the hand held camera look that the first film shared with us all. And it definitely highlights to the audience that the film is being made in a time when the internet is something we all couldn’t live without. Sadly. A huge comparison to the first film which was made at a time when the internet was only just being tested and tried by many.

For the audience though, the reminder of what happened in the previous footage we saw adds to the element that you know the characters journey is not going to end well. As the group starts to fall apart, the witch has truly got her claws in them and so have the characters in the audience and their attention.

However, this film is easy to forget. Maybe because we have grown up or because the found footage element of horror films have become so familiar, but this story was one that didn’t leave me scared or freaked out for days after. In fact by the time I had put it away in its case I was over it. Something I was strangely sad about.

The actors and actresses do nothing wrong and neither does the story really, but it just doesn’t hook you in as much as the previous film did. Only the ending really makes you think, as you wondered did Heather really survive. I guess we will never really know, but I think we can all maybe guess the answer.

Unfortunately the film doesn’t hold up as well as its sister film, but there is definitely something about it that will charm or scare any horror fans socks off, which is why I am giving it...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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