Ben & Jerry's Create The Perfect Ice Cream Flavour For Your Next Film Night


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

How are you all today? I hope you are all well and ready to find a new film food to enjoy, when you are sat at home snuggled up beating the cold weather outside!

However, it could cause you to feel cold inside your house, but for all the right reasons. Just before Christmas, I was kindly asked by Ben and Jerry’s if I would like to review their special edition ice cream, One Sweet World.

Made with the HOPE Not Hate campaign, the new ice cream is a mixture of caramel coffee ice cream with marshmallow, salted caramel swirls and chocolate shaped '&' signs. All of which have been mixed together to bring a sweet joy to your world.

After dashing to my local Sainsbury’s, I found the tub amongst a whole load of love, so I picked one up and also another caramel treat and brought them home for my regular taste tester to try.

My mum is a caffeine addict. She really is and is happy to admit it lovelies. So I couldn’t wait for her to try this coffee treat.

Scooping a large amount onto a spoon, I hid the tub from her and passed the ice cream over for her to try. Instantly she knew that it had coffee in it, but when it added in the caramel and marshmallows she stated that it was like heaven.

To compare the flavours I then gave her a spoonful of the classic Caramel Chew Chew to see what she thought and while she enjoyed it a lot, she nearly took me down when she was trying to get the over tub back. The tub is now sitting in our freezer with very little in it now lovelies.

By creating such a great ice cream, the company has helped many communities around the world and also helped my mum find a new addiction.

The ice cream is full of flavour and it is one that you feel warms you up, weird I know when it is ice cream, with it’s comforting taste and the fact that it is helping so many people around the world.

You can pick up a tub from your local supermarket's lovelies, so keep an eye out for it if this sounds like the perfect film night treat for you.

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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