Mechanic Resurrection DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Growing up with four boys meant that I was thrown into the action film industry at a very young age. One film that was constantly on repeat in our house was The Mechanic, which hooked in my whole family when it was on.

Back now in Mechanic Resurrection, Jason Statham, Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones return after 5 years away from the characters to give us an action packed adventure with tons of locations, sets and full on thrilling scenes.

Reprising his role at Arthur Bishop, the famous hit man, the film meets him as he tries to retire from the life he has built around him. However, when a crime boss offers him the project and he rejects it, his girlfriend is kidnapped and he is forced back into the world of crime.

Statham brings the hard guy look back and makes audiences relieve the character all over again in the latest adventure for the hit man. Yet, in this latest film it doesn’t play off as well. It seems and reflects ideas that we have already seen on screen many times.

This doesn’t mean Statham or his fellow actors are bad, but when the action scenes kick off you know that there is only going to be one outcome and Statham is going to come out on top of the film again. It always happens and this film does not let film fans down.

There is a likability about the film, because a likable character is back, but it is a film that lacks the energy and fun that other films have had and described before.

Which is why I am giving it...

2 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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