Lights Out DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

I am a huge horror film fan! I am sure many of you know this and I am sure that you are all ready for me to give you this very spooky review for Lights Out.

Based on a three minute short film that filmmaker David F. Sandberg placed on YouTube, the film has been expanded to make all of us never want to turn the lights off again. Following a young woman called Rebecca, the film sees her turn the lights on in her home to find a figure waiting for her in the dark.

As time goes on Rebecca, her family and her boyfriend are faced with even more evil acts from the figure, as it comes to haunt her, until a devastating event happens that causes the family to be left with a huge amount of anguish.

The film isn’t as fresh as it may seem in the horror film world, but it definitely has a certain horror film charm about it. There is a number of moments where your expectations are exceeded as the filmmakers know how to charm audiences into watching the action on screen.

Teresa Palmer as Rebecca is captivating and knows how to make herself a remember able scream queen of the film screen. As are her fellow actors, who all know that the genre needs to think about every detail of the classic horror world to succeed.

Sandberg has turned his short film into a successful full length film and with the help of James Wan, the famous director of The Conjuring franchise, he has made sure that audiences have the thrills of the classic horror genre.

That is why I am giving it...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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