How Much Does It Cost To Be Father Christmas? Find Out Here!


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I am bringing to you all now a very strange post, but also a bit of a festive one lovelies! Because it has been revealed just how much it costs to insure Father Christmas! And he is worth every penny!

As he gets ready for the busiest day of the year, Christmas Eve, Towergate have found that he would need a lot of insurance policies to get him through the day, to make sure he stays safe when delivering to the 8million children on the 24th December.

Starting with home insurance for his home in the North Pole, Employer’s liability insurance as he works alongside the elves, as he needs to make sure they remain safe. Commercial property insurance to keep his toy workshop safe from floods, fire and theft, as well as having Reindeer’s vet’s insurance to keep his eight reindeer’s in the best health.

Father Christmas also needs to have a great Over 65s travel insurance service to keep himself in the most tip top shape, Commercial Vehicle insurance to keep his sleigh safe during the festive season, which includes a Goods in transit insurance to protect all of the toys and gifts he has when flying around the world.

He also has to make sure he has Public liability to repair any damage him may cause when getting stuck in cinemas and a Performing arts policy to make sure no one copies him on the big day. All of this comes to a huge £27 million lovelies!

Drew Wotherspoon of Towergate, spoke about this, saying: “Being Father Christmas is clearly a risky role and we’ve drawn upon our years of expertise and knowledge to estimate the kind of policies he’d need if such a role did exist. We love creating flexible policies for the more unique individuals and businesses out there, and if we were ever asked to insure the real Father Christmas, his advanced age, speedy delivery schedule, high value gifts and chimney and roof hopping activities all need to be accounted for. We haven’t had many enquiries yet for sleigh commercial vehicle insurance or elf employer’s liability insurance, but we pride ourselves at offering more than 200 insurance products for individual customers and businesses.”

To mark this exciting news lovelies, Towergate has made all the information into an illustrated Ode to Santa’s Clauses. You can find here lovelies:

Did you think it would cost this much to be Santa? Neither did I!  

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