Blogmas Day 21! Keep Your Animals In Pet Heaven This Christmas With Vets Now


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

It is that time of the day where I share with you all some very festive news with my daily Blogmas post and today’s one is all about pets and the Christmas holidays. As many of you know I am the biggest animal fan there is (apart from Cats, as I am allergic) and so I love to hear festive stories about them. 

Vets Now, a company that runs an out of hours surgery service for animals throughout the year, decided it was time to pamper some gorgeous animals in their Pet Heaven, which included a Catnip Bar and a very special Dogs Dinner. And it looked amazing...

While the animals got stuck in the real message was to help their owners create an emergency pet plan for their animals, as the festive season can be a dangerous time for some animals and one one in two pet owners have one. This is a huge problem as the company has seen a 41% rise in animal emergencies during the holidays. As we tuck into our annual chocolate boxes, this is very poisonous to cats and dogs, as well as Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Ivy plants and Alcohol. 

Dogs are also extremely sensitive to grapes, raisins, currants, sultanas and Blue Cheese, whilst Cats must be kept away from snow globes as many include antifreeze which is fatal to them. Both animals are also affected candles, salt dough ornaments, tinsel and wrapping paper.

However, with the help of Vets Now, you lovely pet owners can make sure they stay safe and instead of causing worry over the festive season, they bring laughs like the following animals did...

• Jealous of his owner’s Christmas dinner - a 7-year-old Labrador devoured a block of stilton, an entire pack of six Mince Pies, a Christmas Pudding and a box of chocolates, all in one sitting.

• A 13-year-old Jack Russell managed to glue his mouth shut after scoffing a Christmas cracker and toy playing cards, inadvertently making a paper mache – it really was a silent night. 

• Intrigued by the twinkling fairly lights, a one-year-old kitten ascended the Christmas tree to see if these sparkly objects were, in fact, new toys, unfortunately, she ended up with scorched paws, a burnt tongue and consequently no Christmas dinner. 

• Emergency surgery had to be performed on a 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel after it ingested an entire bath towel which was wrapped round a turkey. Luckily, the spaniel made a full recovery, but the veterinary surgeon is still left wondering why the turkey was wrapped in a bath towel?!

• Cats can be clumsy, as one cat proved last Christmas when he knocked over a snow globe, and either curious to have a taste, or just trying to clear up the mess he made, the cat ingested some of the liquid inside, resulting in a very poorly pet and an emergency trip to the vets.

To find out more about the service just visit here: to download a free plan to help you look after your animals this festive holiday!

What are some of the funny things your animals have done at Christmas lovelies? Let me know!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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