Blogmas Day 20! Get The Perfect Christmas Letter With Lapland Mailroom


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

It is time for the daily Blogmas post! A few weeks ago lovelies, I signed up to be a reviewer of a very exciting Christmas letter for my nephew and this weekend he finally came to visit us so I could give it to him.

The company, Lapland Mailroom, make great letters with additional treats for children of all ages to get the chance to receive an early present from Santa. Using the form on their website, you can pick from up to four designs and then change the wording to make it match to the family members in your home.

With all of this done, the letter was sent really fast and you honestly get a lot for your money. On top of the letter, there was a certificate to confirm that the child was on the nice list and little bits and pieces that they could use to create decorations, cards or to be creative this festive season.

Upon waking up on Sunday, I handed my nephew the letter and he really enjoyed listening to my brother and his girlfriend reading it to him. However, I do have to say he may have been too little to understand what the letter was saying.

That being said I knew that they would work with him on the activity pack and he would definitely have his certificate on show on Christmas Eve.

Overall I think the letter was the perfect treat for all family members to enjoy. Mentioning the place they live, the parents and his name, plus the toy he would most like made it seem as though the letter had been made personal a lot more than other letters I had seen. As well there was so much choice within the letters and this meant that they felt more personal to you as the creator.

To make your own for the little people in your life or to find out more click on the following link lovelies:

Have you all sent your wish lists or got your letter from Santa yet? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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