The COO Of Prop Store Talks To Us About This Weekends Very Exciting Twilight Auction


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This weekend the ultimate auction is happening over on the Prop Store website for the Twilight fan. I will admit and happily so lovelies that I was a bit of a Twihard. While I have grown out of it a little, there is still something about it that makes my heart fly. 

When I heard that a lot of items from the films were going on sale, including Bella Swan’s actual wedding ring, I had to speak to the COO of Prop Store, Brandon Alinger, to find out a little bit more about the auction and how it all came to be.

Firstly, how did you come up with the items for the Twilight auction including Bella’s famous ring?
All of the items are on consignment directly from Summit Entertainment (a Lionsgate Company), the studio that made the films. The assets have been in storage since production wrapped on the last movie, and the studio decided it was time to give the fans a chance to own a piece of the Twilight phenomenon.

Is there a piece in the collection that you like the most or happy was included? Or a piece you would bid on yourself?
On a personal note I think my favorite piece in the auction is Aro's Volturi Carved Wood Throne! Who doesn't love a great chair??

Has there been a piece that you have seen a lot of interest in before the auction has even started?
We've had a lot of inquiries on all the pieces relating to Bella, Edward, and Jacob. The wedding-related material in particular has sparked a lot of discussion. Some of the Volturi costumes have had quite a bit of attention as well--they're very distinct and highly recognizable. 

Have you heard from any of the cast or crew members about buying items or about some of the items?
I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to say whether we have or haven't due to bidder confidentiality agreements. We have certainly sold material to a number of industry insiders over the years - directors, producers and actors who are also collectors.

If some items don’t sell, would you be bringing them to fans overseas?
We expect the vast majority of the lots will sell since most are offered with no reserve and a $50 starting bid. They're actually available to fans overseas right now. Bidding is possible from anywhere in the world and worldwide shipping is available.

What do you think it is about the Twilight franchise that still makes it so appealing to audiences?
I think it's a classic young adult's love story--something we all relate to in one way or another. Or maybe it’s just the wolves and the vampires we can't get enough of!

Do you think the auction will make audiences want to rewatch the films or that we will see the franchise grow again?
Absolutely. One thing we see again and again as we sell collectibles like these to passionate fans is that their collecting journey doesn't end when they receive their Prop Store package. Collectors like to invite their friends over to see their new acquisition, have a screening night where they proudly display the new piece in their office or movie room, etc. There's absolutely a social element to collecting these types of items as well.

Finally, do you think the ring will be used again in a proposal or wedding?
Who is to say? I believe the majority of our clients buy these items to display them rather than to repurpose them and wear them in some way, but there's certainly nothing stopping anyone from doing so. The perfect proposal for the ultimate Twi-hard....

The auction exhibition starts at 4pm on the 18th November lovelies before the auction begins at 11am PST on the 19th and 20th November, but you can take a look at the collection to see what is being bidded on right now at

What piece of the franchise would you love to own lovelies?

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