The Beatles Eight Days A Week DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

The Beatles have been there for me a lot. I can recall driving on holidays listening to a Ticket to Ride, singing the song around my house, looking at John Lennon’s suit and crying and then demanding my brother take me to Liverpool to see their houses. Lennon is a huge hero of mine and I am proud to admit that my dad is the reason behind this! He saw them about 14 times, had a signed vinyl and spoke to them all at the Tavern when he was younger.

Together the pair of us sat down to take a trip back in time and enjoy the great concerts that the band use to create and work on together. The atmosphere of the film lights up the whole house from the moment it begins until the end. As Ringo and Paul speak about the memories they have of the band, you feel as though you are preparing with them. You are getting ready to step out on the stage and enjoy their work with them.

However, there is another side to the film that makes it so enjoyable and that is that you are hearing the good, the bad and the damn right amazing from the people who were really there. They don’t hold back and the two legends of rock and roll let audiences in as they too are experience the event for the first time from an audience member’s view.

The film is an introduction to many young people into the mass hysteria that surrounded the Beatles as they toured around the world, starred on many TV shows and became the faces that know and love today. There is of course the moments where the band are told to leave or to not perform, but their attitudes make them four fun figures in a mad world.

While many boy bands have gone on to do the same thing, there is always something about the Beatles that makes them different when they are captured on screen. No longer are they four singers or musicians but they are legends. The film doesn’t paint them like this though. It makes them seem real and more relatable for the audience member.

Director Ron Howard has stated before he is a fan and this is a masterpiece of film making that highlights this even further. There is an obvious trust between the legends and the filmmakers and this makes them definitely more open than before.

It is nice to see the four boys back on screen and the voices of those that knew, stood by them and even are them talk about their lives so incredibly well. And that is why I am giving the film...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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