Now You See Me 2 DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

I will admit now lovelies that I am not the biggest fan of magic. I don’t really enjoy it but if it can blow me away than I will most likely be amazed by it. I am talking David Blane amazed. This probably isn’t the best thing for someone to think when they are reviewing Now You See Me 2, but I knew it could help me.

Carrying on from the first film, the film follows the four horsemen again as they try to take their magic to the next level – by doing a heist like no other. Trying to outsmart the FBI and clear their names, the film becomes a magic trick after magic trick bonanza and the actors showcase not only the film industries relationship with magic but their own skills at the tricks.

There are many moments where you will be amazed by the skills and tricks. Then there are the moments where you aren’t quite sure what has happened in the story. Lizzie Caplan, although excellent, just appears out of thin air and not as part of a magic trick. The heist and continuing story have many plot holes that are nearly never fixed and the villain played by Daniel Radcliffe is nowhere near villainous enough.

In fact this can’t all be placed on Radcliffe’s character, because the story has many of the characters trying to out do each other. The constant power struggles between them all make the story lose its charm and the magic quickly disappears.

With mostly all the actors returning, the story should be strong for them, but it isn’t. They are let down continuously by not being able to give audiences a lot of depth and knowledge as to what is happening. You want to feel amazed but you aren’t. Don’t get me wrong the acting is great, especially from Woody Harrelson, but it doesn’t go anywhere and this is what lets the film down.

There so I am giving this magical film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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