Christmas With The Coopers DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Christmas films are just a hint of the magic we get every year. And this year the film, Christmas with the Coopers is joining in with the holiday fun. So grab a hot chocolate, popcorn and a comfy blanket and sit down with the newest Christmas family.

Starring John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Alan Arkin and many more famous faces, the film shows Sam and his wife Charlotte trying to host the perfect holiday meal. However, of course, Christmas dinners and get together never go smoothly and the family is in a whole host of mayhem before the fun can begin.

The film is filled with a different nature to other Christmas films. It instantly starts on a notion that the couple will not be together after the holidays and the January blues will definitely be hitting this family hard. However, when you have such good cast members as the one in this film it doesn’t seem so bad.

Keaton and Goodman work well together and with the rest of the cast presenting more problems for the pair, the skills they show stand out. You feel for the pair and have hopes that they don’t split when the couple needs each other to rely on when all the family is a mess.

Yet, this doesn’t stop the plot from sometimes being a bit to much. It gets confusing for the audience when you have to follow so many problems within the family. You don’t have a choice with who you would rather follow. You have to hope that your brain goes along with it.

Overall, the film is a different Christmas film that tackles familiar and some unfamiliar issues, but ultimately it loses its appeal with all the different problems that are being forced on everyone.

There so I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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