Celebrate The Release Of Bleed For This With A Look At Miles Teller's Career


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In a few days’ time, Miles Teller will be taking to our screens in the London Film Festival smash hit, Bleed For This. Telling the story of Vinny Paz, the film follows him as he suffers a horrific injury that could have ended his boxing career and his rise back to the ring. 

To mark the film’s release this Friday, we are celebrating Miles Teller’s incredible acting career and looking back at some of his greatest films. So grab your gloves, put in your gum shield and get ready to fight your way to that golden belt with these great films. 

Rabbit Hole: In one of his first film roles, Teller made sure to make an impact on screen as he played a teenager who kills Nicole Kidman’s son in an accident. Emotionally charged and tugging on the heart strings of all audiences, Teller showed us all that he could do anything.

The Spectacular Now: Playing a troubled teenager again, the film is a mixture of a love story and teen angst as he tries to command the character through some emotional moments. His acting earned him a number of awards, causing this film to catapult him into the media as one to watch.

Whiplash: The film that made Miles Teller a household name was also one of the most enjoyed and watched films of the year. With a toe-tapping soundtrack, Teller’s drumming performance showed the bright and dark sides of the music industry.

That Awkward Moment: Starring alongside Michael B Jordan and Zac Efron, to huge stars, Teller makes the screen his own with his comedic acting and natural talents at commanding the audience’s attention as he showed his fear over a bear and having the ultimate on-screen bromance.

War Dogs: Pairing up with Jonah Hill, this comedy showed how Miles could play both the victim and the villain, highlighting his never ending acting talents on screen. While it may not have been a massive success, it was a huge success for Teller’s career.

Bleed For This: The film had a quiet filming process but with Teller, Scorsese and Eckhart involved in the making of it, there is no way it will be quiet at the box office. This boxing story will be punching its way to the top of Teller’s hit career moments.

Bleed For This is out in cinemas from the 2nd December lovelies! 

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