Celebrate Bonfire Night With Vodafone And Their Smart Platinum 7 Phone


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Remember remember the 5th November! Yes, today is the loudest, biggest and most explosive day of the year, as Bonfire Night 2016 has arrived. And to mark the day Vodafone have gathered the best entertainment around for you to enjoy and I thought it would be a great thing to share. 

From TV shows to watch after you have been out in the cold, to games you can play before you leave the house, Vodafone has made sure everyone is covered. If you are more into the historical side of fireworks night there is also exciting podcasts and historical apps that will take you through what happened on that very famous night. 

I decided to have a little look at some of them, as I will have to miss our local ones tonight due to an illness I have, and my favourites were…

Sherlock - The Empty Hearst Episode: I love an excuse to watch Sherlock and I think that when you can get a show that has a theme for your favourite day, then you have to watch it. Especially as well when it is so soon to coming back on TV. 

Fireworks Arcade: I am obsessed with this game. I honestly might have to give up my iPhone and get an android phone now, because I can’t stop playing it. I am so hoping that this is available for the tablet because I love it. 

The Best Fireworks Displays in the World 2016: I don’t know why but this made me a little emotional. I think it has to do with the fact that we normally have fireworks to celebrate a special moment and mostly all of these do. In a very beautiful and stunning way.

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang: At the moment I am really and I mean really into documentaries. If you can suggest one do, because my Netflix account doesn’t know how much more it can handle. This look at one of the biggest firework artists is incredible at taking us inside the minds of those who put on the best shows for us.

Kindly the company sent me a Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 to try all of these firework themed activities on and it is a really stylish phone. A little too big for my tiny hands (don’t go there!), the phone is a really sleek back android phone and after her iPhone antics, I can definitely see my mum being better with a phone like this. 

With a build in cardboard/VR player, you could also use the app as a great tool for virtual fireworks if you can’t get to your nearest one or you could find an exciting app, as the ones mentioned above to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. 

To find out more about Vodafone’s Firework Night entertainment choices, click here: http://blog.vodafone.co.uk/2016/11/04/bonfire-night-entertainment-everything-watch-stream-download-5-november/

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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