Better Call Saul Season Two DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

With fewer reviews written about it but with a 27% score rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Better Call Saul Season two was proving to do what its previous show did. It just keeps getting better as it goes on. I will admit that I haven’t watched all the episodes yet lovelies, but I am well underway and enjoying it hugely. 

After watching the first season with bated breath to see if it would match the Breaking Bad hype, season two proved to audiences that it didn’t have to worry them so much. The show is in a league of its own now and battling onwards and upwards. 

Star Bob Odenkirk is always the comedic character when on screen as Saul, or Jimmy as he is known in this, and his mishaps make him an even more adventurous character for the writers to play around with. You never know what he is going to do next and the drama mixed with the comedy makes it even more appealing. 

The false information moments in the show are so cleverly written that you don’t know whether to watch or look away because you know that the writers will not leave the acts un hidden. By the end of the 10 episodes, those facts and that information will be the worst thing that can happen to Saul and those around him. 

Odenkirk is the real reason to watch this show, though. Since starring in Breaking Bad his career has become stronger and stronger. He has shown that there are very little ends to his talents and without the work, he does to build the character the show would be lost. 

As I continue to watch on I will be looking for his talents and the superb writing to continue, which I have no doubts that they surely will. 

There so I am giving the show…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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