Velvet or Crunch? The Perfect Film Night Recipes With Macabella Choc Macadamia Spread


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Last night at around 8pm I realised that a delivery man had left a parcel next door. I had no clue what this parcel was or could be but I was excited. Running over (in my mum’s slippers) I was handed a heavy parcel which upon unwrapping was in the nicest gold box. Inside was the new holy grail of chocolate and nut spreads. 

Called Macabella, the product is a mix of chocolate and macadamia nuts that leaves a praline taste. In a smooth/velvet texture and a crunchy one, the product is a treat for the taste buds.

Honestly, this is the stuff that you grab a spoon and sit down in front of a film and eat all of it and you won’t even feel bad about it. I wasn’t expecting to find it so good, but my mum was sure that it would be a delight, so I used her to taste test the item and we came up with four chocolate and macadamia nut ideas which you could use it for when hosting a film night:

1. Fondue: If you melted the spread or heated it, this would be like a Ferrero Rocha in a bowl, that you could dip items into and have a great night in with a perfect film enjoying. 

2. Drizzled Over Popcorn: With the nutty taste and the chocolate mix, this would be great to add a different flavour to a popcorn bowl. Especially if you are looking to give your party a fancy feel. 

3. On Pastries: The packaging of the item featured a spoonful of the product on a croissant, but I can see it on even more pastries and sweet snacks. In fact, it would be the perfect filling for a cake to give out to others during your film night. 

4. Fancy Toast: If you are having a film night for yourself then treat yourself with the ultimate toast topping. You could add extra nuts to the top and spread this all over for a chocolate, nut and bread paradise. 

My mum loved the product which was a good thing because my mum doesn’t like many chocolate spreads or nut butters. She instantly said it was like the taste of her favourite chocolates and she said it wasn’t over the top. It was a shock for me to hear this from her and I know that she was impressed because of it. 

The packaging is a lot fancier than many other spreads and it would look amazing out on the table in the morning or as an addition to a night in. If you want to go for the classic meals, then you will have a treat on your hands and if you want to try one of the film food tips above, then you will have the Oscar of food treats according to my mum lovelies. 

You can find out more about the item here: or you can get the item at Sainsbury’s lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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