Pick The Perfect Halloween TV Show To Watch With #WBHalloween Selection


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

We are nearing the weekend and that means that we can binge watch lots of films and TV shows! And seeing as it is Halloween it is a great time to find a new spooky show to watch lovelies. 

From Vampires to the devil, there are so many options out there for us to enjoy and Warner Bros are making it easy for us to decide on the perfect choice for us. Especially with the latest seasons of these great shows having been released...

The Vampire Diaries: Finishing after its next season, The Vampire Diaries has given us incredible Vampire brothers, a spin-off show, werewolves and a love triangle to end all TV love triangles. Damon and Stefan are two brothers, both completely different, who return to their home town to protect their family history and to capture the heart of Elena. A light show with a vamp dark look to it. 

Lucifer: As many of you know by now I have a great love for Lucifer. His comedic, devilish ways make me fall for him even more and the show has a way of hooking you in from the start right up until the end. Look out for blood, the look of the devil and even more hellish entertainment. 

The Originals: If you have watched The Vampire Diaries then you will know all about the vampires in this show. The original vampires to haunt, caused mayhem and feed from the locals in their town are back and with a vengeance. It is unsure whether the show will continue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it and enjoy. 

iZombie: The teen drama is a softer version of The Walking Dead without any bats or premiere footage that will scar you for life. Looking into the way a teenager is affected by her recent transformation, the show sees her gain knowledge from the brains of those she is affecting.

What shows would you add to the list lovelies? If it is one of these look out for a competition coming your way very soon lovelies!


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