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After hearing my mum go on and on about it and then witnessing small snippets of the show on Gogglebox, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about when it came to Channel 4’s National Treasure. With one of my favourite actresses starring in and an interesting plot, the topical show definitely works.

Julie Walters plays the wife of Robbie Coltrane’s Paul, a man suspected of sexual assaulting a young girl at the start of his career. After becoming a star, his case is spread throughout the media and the way in which he is shown leads to audiences being unsure of his character.

There are often moments where you think that the writers have cleverly shown you that he is guilty, only to have it flipped on its head and feelings changed to him being not guilty. However, Coltrane’s character is never one that you route for. In fact, you route mostly for Walter’s character Marie, who has been married to the star for over 40 years to get the respect she finally deserves.

As the show goes on she becomes the one to watch. You want to know if she will show audiences the real man and the one that we should believe. Instead, you get a man who lies throughout and ties to make a fool out of her character, but Walters plays it so well you never think that. It is her acting that makes her stand out.

Her co-star Andrea Riseborough also takes over the small screen as his daughter. Her skills are never ending and she like Walters is a very underrated actress. Her talents, especially after this deserve to shine bigger.

When it comes to the final episodes, audiences will be left on the edge of their seats and when the truth is revealed you feel sick to your stomach. The flashback and court sentencing is a tense viewing that makes you want to scream at the TV.

There so after very intense viewing I am giving the show…

5 Stars

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Joey X

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