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With 'The Hunger Games’ over next year, 'The Maze Runner’ series is about to take over the big screen teen features. It has the grittiness that 'The Hunger Games’ has which will appeal to wide audience and make this film a huge success.

The plot to the film is an interesting concept due to the way in which it doesn't meet expectations. It exceeds them! Everyone may think that this film will follow the same pattern as previous teen films but it is its own film. It is a dark plot with the boys hunting around the maze after being picked by the box to enter the glade. One of the most eerie parts of the films plot, which actually a really interesting concept is the way the boys don't remember anything. I feel it made their strengths as actors stand out.

Especially Dylan O'Brien, who will definitely become a household name after this performance. He manages to convey the character of Thomas well and presented the emotions that many could connect with. He is a likable character and is very much the Katniss of 'The Maze Runner’. He leaves you wanting to know more about his character but also wanting you to leave him alone.

And as for the rest of the cast, this film brought together a hugely successful cast. None of them become annoying and all leave you feeling intrigued as to what the character is really like. From Will Poulter to Chris Sheffield, they have a great bond which I hope leads to more films from this bunch!

Finally I would like to mention that this film is completely different to the previous film franchises and while it may not seem like it is for everyone, you should dry the whole family to see it because there is elements for everyone to enjoy!

Overall this film franchise will fill in the gap that 'The Hunger Games’ is going to leave well and I hope to see this cast back together very soon, because their acting and the way in which this plot drives the best out of them is a real winner.

Therefore the boys won't be running around amaze with this….

4 Stars

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