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A couple of months ago I reviewed the film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ after seeing it at a screening.  Now with the film out on DVD and Blu-ray including a Blu-ray 3D SteelBook, I thought it would be the perfect time to review the special features on the disc. 

I have also reposted my review for the film below, to remind you all of what I thought of the film lovelies. It was very good! 

Special Features Review: 

The special features on the disc allow you lovelies to see how the action heroes within the film have been created. They manage to give the audience a front row seat into the making of the film, before breaking down the on screen action. This feature makes me feel for the actors as it looks like a lot of work to be able to work in those outfits all day. 

They look heavy and uncomfortable, but the actors pull it off and make it look so effortless. I am shocked that they were even able to move at all in the outfits. 

In the next special features, the audience gets an inside look at the aliens in the film and how they were created. I would definitely suggest watching this film before you watch this because it could take away some of the magic of them in the film. But when you do watch it, it is absolutely perfect! It reminds me of all the work that was put into the making of ‘Avatar’ for some reason! 

There is one word for these special features and that is brilliant! This is why I am giving the film’s special features…

4 Stars

Feature Film Review: 

'Edge of Tomorrow' is an action film with a bad was female lead and a weak Tom Cruise. Better than expected the film will definitely be one of this summer’s top action films.
The plot is original and funny in parts, which is key to any action film nowadays, however with Emily Blunt taking the lead away from Tom Cruise, it is very different. While the film was slow to begin with, the introduction of her character, made things a lot more interesting and I found that this was when I was left on the edge of my seat.

Although Cruise is funny in his many do over days, it is definitely Blunt who has worked her bum off in this film to make it as good as it is. As well it is also her no nonsense script that makes the film comical. For example on the film Cruise plays his normal need to be a hero self, yet he does it in a likeable way because of Blunt’s acting.

And it was interesting to see her placed into the action world, as many would not see her being able to do so, however her talents are never ending and I hope that we see her in more roles like this, because they suit her well.

Another quality that has been portrayed exceptionally well is the special effects. From the different destroyed countries to the underwater key ending, every detail has been delicately produced in a way that makes it believable. Especially the scenes within Paris, as it seemed like everything we were seeing was real and I was about to get a newsflash about it. Oh and talking of newsflashes, the incredible detail that was placed into the opening featuring the newsflashes, were also fantastic.

As for the soundtrack, there wasn't much to it until the end of the film, however I think the lack of it added to the appeal of the film, because you were not in the know about what was going to happen to the characters on screen.

Overall I think the film will be a smash hit this summer and while we hit the edge of tomorrow, I want to hit the edge of the film with this rating…

4 Stars

The film is out now to own lovelies!

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