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Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn reunite their trouble making partnership in 'The Internship’ but it may take a little more than a Google search engine to bring back the magic of 'Wedding Crashers’.

While both of them are on comical form in the film, the cheesy plot and reoccurring themes make if hard to see anything new about the film, compared to the more female based empowering films that have been dominating the comedy scene, since the release of 'Bridesmaids'. But it was still comical to see the two men be reunited on screen.

There were some hugely funny moments and even though there was a lot of cheese, these two can always bring their friendship back into the loop. So I did enjoy it but not as much as other comedy's that have recently been on the big screen. 

However after looking up some research, it appears the film is true to the Google internship fun that is had during their work load however I am sure there are no enemies threatening each other’s workloads. And also jeopardising this film, as they made it annoying and predictable. If we had just had the Vaughn and Wilson friendship again, it would have been a huge success.

Anyway going back to the Google internship point, as a plot it was refreshing, as it takes you as a spectator into the world in which you use every day. They don't try to hide to much about the negativity of the company and it would have been interesting to see more of them at work there then struggling to help, the younger interns get cool. For some reason, even though I am more like them in a lot of ways I found them to be the annoying characters.

Something that fans will enjoy to hear though, is that the friendship is back and on top form as a bromance, which will bring joy to many. Considering they have aged a bit as well, they are still acting as twenty something's and I am sure that without the annoying interns the pair’s next film will be an even bigger enjoy.

Overall, without the annoying interns who try too hard to be successful, the film is entertaining and bring back one of the finest bromance’s in cinematic history to search the world of comedy again.

So hug me brother with these…

3 Stars

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