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I am going to just come out and say that I loved 'The Croods’! It was an animation with a completely new story to tell and with a family that will remind you of the Flintstone’s, all ages can enjoy it.

Featuring a caveman and his family, they must fight off the threatening acts, which they face every day in hopes to survive unlike their neighbours who have all died in mysterious ways. However it means they have to live without fun, until an unfamiliar face arrives and teaches them how to survive.

With familiar actors and actresses giving their voices to the film, the older generation will be able to recognise and laugh along with the younger ones as they see the cavemen story pan out. While some may find the plot predictable, it is heart-warming and comical throughout making it a joy to watch. 

The family dynamic is the plot behind this film and how an outsider causes it to break apart before bringing it back together, which for DreamWorks has worked wonders for their animation team.  It would be nice to see the film get a sequel and because of the way the film has gone, it could have one very easily.

Therefore I think it deserved its Oscar nomination because of the brilliant laughs it provided and with a sequel it might finally get the recognition it deserves. They haven't made a long drawn animation for kids but for everyone and this deserves to be appreciated.

Overall the film managed to make me fall in love with a new cartoon family and bring back the childhood love I had for the Flintstone’s with the crazy family dynamic and relations.

Therefore we are going to knock the caveman out of the cave with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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