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A film that looks at the difference between men and women is 'Don Jon’ and for a cinematic experience it is quite an interesting view point.

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Both the females and males are presented in a negative light, yet the film manages to make a positive light out of their different qualities at certain times and in strange ways. By looking at the main themes in the film such as Porn, social media and how they experience love, it gives a comical view point that makes it positive.

One aspect that is interesting is the view of how people view romantic films! It is amazing how accurate it is towards the genre and how much it affects society today by being so standard and following the rules all the time of being the same. Considering it comes from a male perspective, it is nice to see how much it has tainted societies version of love for some people.

As for the acting, it was a completely different performance from Joseph Gordon Levitt and the fact that he wrote and directed the film, makes it even more superb. He is funny and taking away his quirky image, by portraying such a negative male figure, yet he is likeable and funny because he obviously wants to make a change from what people assume males do all day, when they probably don’t.

The acting of the female cast members is also interesting; due to the different views they are giving to their audiences. Scarlett Johansson is the average woman, who uses the male figure to present the view that men are never like the films version of them, in comparison to Julianne Moore’s character who is likeable and accepting of the men are in society. As well as presenting the two sexes as equal.

Mainly the film gives an inside look into sex addiction which hasn't really been explored in cinematic releases before, especially in a comical way! Since 'Shame’ the subject hasn't really been discussed and for this type of film, from a male perspective to be so interesting and break down the stereotypes. This is why it makes such an interesting argument.

Overall this film is getting…

4 Stars

Don Jon on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download. 24th March.
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