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Let's start this one by saying how amazing Cate Blanchett is in this role! I am not a huge fan of Woody Allen films, but I found 'Blue Jasmine’ to be enjoyable and interesting to watch, mainly because of the performance from Blanchett.

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The film was released in the summer and I wish I had seen it when it was fresh, as the characters are just amazing and the summer vibe in which the film presents throughout makes you feel very light, even though the issues on screen are a lot darker. Allen has created an intriguing watch, that fans will find themselves loving from the moment they watch it, which to be honest was not what I expected.

A plot like this one, which flashes between the old and the new life of Blanchett's character Jasmine, is entertaining to watch, as we witness her downfall after the break-up of her marriage and the evaporation of the Stepford wife image through the use of witty one-liners and little comments.  Her relationship with her sister Ginger played by Sally Hawkins, is perfect and the pairing causes a great sisterhood on screen, leading to overall female power on screen.

This leads on to my view of the performances from the two actresses. Blanchett deserves her Oscar a lot after seeing this film! It is like looking at a completely different actress from the performances we have seen her in before and the change is brilliant.

While she has always been great, future generations must look at this performance to see the true skill of this actress. Her characters breakdown as she faces the real world is so real that you feel like a fly on the wall of her house as she suffers and it makes you as a viewer want to help her, even though she may not really be the nicest person.

And her on screen partner Hawkins is very much the same. She is an underrated actress who should have her name mentioned more on the big screen, after this performance. She is a huge talent and her role is something that Allen has never worked with before. She allows the spectator a new role in the Allen film world, which many will be in favour for.

With all of this being taken account for, it is really Blanchett's acting that makes this film as it is a role changer for her, which I hope we get to see more of, in her future cinematic releases. She is the gem in this film and with Hawkins by her side it was always going to be a female power hit!

Therefore there is nothing blue about this…

4 Stars
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