Hey Lovelies, 

So on Tuesday I was very lucky to attend the Premiere of 'The Monuments Men' in Leicester Square alongside George Clooney (who is lovely in the flesh), Matt Damon (Even more gorgeous than you could imagine!), Bill Murray (Who really is the joker of the pack!) and all the other incredible cast members. As well as some real Monuments men and woman who were the real stars of the show! And this post is going to be all about the night, with my review coming in a later post. 

I arrived at the Hampshire Hotel in Leicester Square at about 5:45 to collect my ticket for the night along with all over members of the press and get changed into an outfit that would be worthy of the red carpet, instead of my jeans and t-shirt Uni combo aha. And I was greeted with the most packed room, full of the people that I love or inspire to be like as a film reviewer, which was a very weird experience. But because of the outfit change I found myself in the toilets getting changed instead of actually talking to them. 

However my outfit changed lead to a very interesting meeting a celeb who I didn't realise was in the film and got her to help me do my hair, so please if you read my blog, let me know if it was you who I think you are aha and I will say a massive thank you aha. 

Anyway once the outfit change had happened, I was lead out in to the cold London air and walked on to the red carpet which was alive as Jean Dujardin had arrived minutes before I took to it and was causing a massive stir of the carpet aha. 

We were all walked down the red carpet quite quickly; however I did manage to capture the snap below to show you all my experience of it...

Once in the building, I was walked to my seat which was in a brilliant spot for someone who walks around the cinema normally trying to find the perfect seat to watch the film haha. And upon sitting I was greeted with massive bags of popcorn thanks to Metcalfe's Popcorn, a bottle of water from Life and my favourite, a snowflake Lindt chocolate to eat throughout the screening. 

It was then just a waiting game for the stars, or shall I say a FUN waiting game for them! Inside the premiere, the huge screen showed us all the action that was happening outside, which was so useful to see all the stars when they arrived because I could tweet about it to you lovelies! 

After about 30 minutes, the stars made there way into the premiere and took a few pictures with the man who stole the show, a man who was part of the original Monuments Men along with a lovely lady who was also a member of it. 

Then all of a sudden I turned to my right and the whole cast were beside me! Literally in touching distance aha! (Sorry Fangirl moment!) And because they noticed me, they said hello and spoke to me which left me on the biggest high possible! However they soon left standing by me to take to the stage and man of the night George Clooney introduced the film in his very comical manner, which I took a few pictures of for you lovelies...

Okay so may be more than a few aha. But wait until you see these pictures of some of the cast which I managed to get when they were next to me...

It was at that moment that I had to sit down and calm down as the film was starting and I needed to watch very closely as I had to give you guys the best review possible aha. 

I just wanted to thank 20th Century Fox and Think Jam for allowing me to attend the event and walk my first red carpet, it was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for you letting me do it!

Blog Soon, 
Joey xxx

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