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Scars can be a real problem! Over the years, I have suffered from some horrific accidents leading to some big scars on my face. However, I hadn’t really let them bother me until recently, when the one on my head started to hurt! Thankfully, there are some fantastic brands here to help, including the brilliant Odylique, who are changing skincare for the best!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Probably every single one of us has a scar. Whether it is big or small, we have experienced something that has left its story on our skin. I have many scars on my body from shaving cuts to major accidents. However, there are two that cause me the most issues. 

After two terrible falls, I experienced both my skin flapping off under my chin and a deep cut in my forehead that led to it being glued back together, after a serious case of confusion in hospital. I’ve tried my hardest to not let them both affect me, yet, they have both recently started to hurt again, especially if I touch the one in my forehead. 

I used to wear hats or scarfs in winter and summer, but if any pressure is applied to my head now, I feel sick, get headaches and have to remove the hats to stop any pressure on the scar. This can be quite hard to handle, as it does mean I can get super cold or worried about getting heat stroke or sunburn on my scalp. There so, I reached out for help. 

After heading to my local shops to try and find some scar cream, I got lost in the aisles. I didn’t know which one to pick. The I for action was confusing. Even the staff couldn’t help that much. So, in the end, I turned to the experts online. This was where I met the team behind Odylique, who kindly sent me two of their products to try. 

To begin with, I decided to put their tried and tested Calendula Balm a go. Full of repairing products and soothing chamomile, coconut and hydrating raw Shea, the balm had a gorgeous smell upon opening. Scooping up a small amount, I run it across my forehead. You honestly don’t need much to make a difference. I could feel the balm seeping into my skin, taking away some of the redness. The tenderness was eased within ten minutes and my skin had a shine to it that it didn’t before. 

It even helps my hands, as I rubbed it in after applying it. My skin gets very dry, due to my asthma, anorexia and Raynaud’s syndrome, but this helped to make my hands look as good as new. Plus, it didn’t leave any greasy feel, which I can’t stand. 

With the scar already easing up, I then decided to try and tackle it further with their Spot-on Serum. Normally used to repair skin affected by acne, bites, stings or minor damages, this organic lotion prevents infections and speeds up the healing process. Something I can safely say it does! 

The cream is super light that I worried that I might need a lot, however, you really don’t. A small dot of cream makes all the difference. The essential oils, including aloe Vera, soothed any remaining redness, cooling the area right down. Aches I had were completely eased when using this cream and the skin around it seemed clearer too. I felt like the aloe vera juice was the ultimate hero regarding this product. 

After trying both products, together and not, I loved how my skin looked, felt and relaxed. My scars looked better. The pain had nearly always gone when using the serum. The balm took away the redness and overall my skin was clearer, glowing in all areas. The products have made a real difference and it has left me feeling so thankful to Odylique for tall of their help. If you are suffering like me lovelies, then this is the stuff to invest in! I promise you that you will be so thankful to yourself and them by doing so! 

Joey X

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