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Do you suffer from that terrible afternoon slump? Well, you are not the only one it would seem! In fact, even world famous sporting legends do to! Thankfully, help is on hand, as the team at M2-P2 have created just what we all need to help best it, getting us all back up and running again! Find out what it’s all about here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Apart from two days a week, I like to keep my body in top form by taking regular supplements. For me, they help to boost my mood, energy and overall well-being. Normally, I like to stick to what I know, however, I find it so interesting to find out about other brands on the market. 

After being told about the M2-P2 created, FocusQuest Max and CogniQuest supplements, I was intrigued to find out more. Kindly, the team sent me some samples, all the way from America to help me find out. 

Arriving alongside a very stylish Vitality t-shirt, which was so comfy and soft, I found three packs within the box. One of them was the CogniQuest Orange Creamsicle drinks supplement, another was the same brand but in the Lemon Mint flavour and finally there was a pack full of FocusQuest Max all-day supplements

Intrigued mostly by the drinks, I offered them to my neighbour, who is currently using drinks like this to help fuel his workouts. Together we watched the stick dissolve into the water in no time at all, leaving a very pleasant looking orange drink with a gorgeous smell to it. A similar thing occurred a few days later with the lemon mint one too. Taking a sip, he moaned in pure delight, before taking the rest with him as a post workout drink.  

When we caught up a few days later, he said that really wished he had more to sample, as he loved the way that they both tasted. They had all really worked their magic and had helped to fuel the rest of his day, when he normally finds himself super tired from running around after his kids and having been to the gym. 

After he had finished the drink samples, he had moved onto the capsules, which he said slid down easily. Starting work super early in the morning didn’t phase him whilst he was taking the supplements, as he said they really pumped him up and gave him an all day boost that helped him focus more.  

When I asked if he would purchase more, he happily said yes. He even suggested that he would replace his protein shakes with the drinks, as he felt that they aided him more in his workout recoveries. 

Overall, M2-P2’s capsules and supplements were a huge success! Tasting delicious, giving off all day energy boosts and providing plenty of motivation, you simply can’t go wrong with them lovelies! It’s time to motivate your life! 

Joey X

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