My June 2024 Monthly Favourites


June didn’t bring the sunshine we expected or hoped for, however, it did bring with it a few new favourites into my life. From random day trips to laugh out loud listens, I hope that you can find a little bit of joy in the following new loves of mine too! Discover what wonders they are here and enjoy them as well lovelies!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Right, let’s start by saying that I honestly can’t believe that we are already in July. Does time just seem to be zooming by as much as I feel that it is? When coming up with these reflections, I’m often finding myself getting confused because what I thought happened months ago actually only occurred yesterday! 

I won’t lie though, I am secretly quite excited to get summer out of the way, as autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year. However, for now, I thought I would.d discuss some different favourites. Here are my June 2024 favourites, which I hope you enjoy…

My Favourite App: BBC Sounds - Since I stopped my Apple Music subscription, I have been using the BBC Sounds app to listen to music. I love the friendly chats between hosts. The music is a really good mix and I find my nostalgic heart loving all the 90s music.

My Favourite TV Show/Film: The Hunger Games Franchise - Recently, I decided to rewatch all of The Hunger Games series and honestly I forgot how good it was! All of them are on Prime Video UK at the moment and I’m seriously debating on rewatching them all again soon. I simply love them! 

My Favourite Food Find: Strawberries - After experiencing them again in an unexpected fruit pot, I have fallen in love with strawberries again. Maybe it is the summer feelings they bring, but I love the sweet juicy taste of them. Honestly, they are an elite food if there ever was one. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Kenji Towelling Hat - Not a beauty item as such, however, after getting this hat at Christmas, I have finally started to use it after I’ve washed and styled my hair. Drying it without making it frizzy or ruining my plaits, it’s a dream, as it stops me from feeling cold. 

My Favourite Podcast: Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? And Other Crimes - Back for a second season, this podcast is fantastic. Focusing on a mysterious tiny suitcase this series, it hooks you in in a way that you wouldn’t expect. It’s silly but super fun. 

My Favourite Experience: A Day Out With My Mum/Her Birthday - At the start of June, we celebrated my mum’s new job at Westfield Stratford. It was a bit of a spur of the moment trip and really tested me. I was proud of what I achieved hilts there, as I managed to have a snack whilst out. Then, at the end of June, we celebrated her birthday, which was lush! 

What made your June so special lovelies? What did you discover during it? Let me know! 

Joey X

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