My 2024 Morning Routine!


Every morning, I like to try to follow a routine to help set me up for the day! As someone, who hates mornings, this structure brings a sense of calm and awareness of what I need to do to get moving and shaking. Giving you a little bit of a peek behind the bedroom curtains, I thought I would share what I do!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

5am - Wake Up: In the morning, I have three alarms! They are set for 4:45am, 5am and 5:05am. The 4:45am is set to wake me up but to trick my brain into thinking we are getting a lie in. The 5 and 5:05am are when I like to get up, however, I often rest in bed a bit longer until around 10 past to ease into the morning. I’m a very light sleeper since being in hospital and find being in bed quite hard.

5:20am - Shower & Get Dressed: Once I am up, the first thing I do is go and get in the shower. Some days, I leave my hair and just shave and wash, other days it’s the full works. I time myself in the shower, as I used to be terrible and spend over an hour in it. Now, I can have one in under ten minutes. After my shower, I get dressed in the clothes I’ve laid out the night before, plait my hair, clean my teeth and apply any lotions and potions I may be wearing. 

5:40am - Blog & Emails: When I am ready for the day, I head downstairs, where I check all my blogging and email items. I will schedule or write posts, reply or send emails and make sure that everything is set for each day for you lovelies. 

6:30am - Get Creative: After a bit of a busy time, which can be stressful, I then like to unwind by doing some relaxing stuff in the morning. This could be diamond artworks, colouring in, listening or watching a podcast or show or reading. By unwinding, I find I set myself up better for the day, as I am not a morning person at all. 

11am - Take My Medicines: Apart from two days a week, I have to take essential medicines and vitamins to function due to my health conditions. I do this just before I have my breakfast to help them settle but to also not have them on an empty stomach. I’ve had some bad IBS flair ups when this has been done wrong. 

11:30am - Have Breakfast: When my medicine has settled, I grab my breakfast. It is normally quite a usual affair, with a choice of cereal, skimmed milk, a blue Yakult, blackberries, a peppermint and liquorice tea and either a dollop or squeeze of honey and jam on top. 

11:45am - Go For A Walk: Once I’ve had my breakfast, I head out with my mum to face the day. Normally we head into town and pick up the few bits we may need topping up or items we have to get. I’ve even started visiting the food waste prevention area on a few days of the week. We’ve saved a lot of money from it!

1:30pm - Relax At Home: After we have been out, my mind normally needs to relax, as my autism, anxiety and ED can get very overstimulated being out with lots of people. When I step through the door, I get back into my PJs, find something to watch and try to be creative or do more puzzles to help ease into the rest of my day. I will also pick up on any blog or email items that have come in during the morning. 

And that lovelies is how I spend most of my mornings! Being unable to work due to my health is really hard! However, I try to keep my mind stimulated, whilst also looking after my body. I find by having a routine like this, I get more structure and guidance within my day, which really helps with my conditions. I hope that you have enjoyed this little insight into my days! 

Joey X

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