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After a fantastic taster session, the blog was kindly asked back to review the full menu at the freshly opened Quattro Lounge in Hertford! Gifted endless amounts of food and drink, it was another fantastic experience at what used to be fast becoming the best dining spot in Hertford for us! Find out we thought about their incredibly tasty full menu selection here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the return of the sunshine in the sky, the need to get and explore is growing. Especially when it comes to finding and enjoying local hot spots. After a hugely successful taster session at its opening event, the blog was kindly invited to enjoy the full menu at the Quattro Lounge in Hertford. And we were very excited to do! 

Gifted a selection of food and drink options, we arrived and sat by the window, to allow us another chance to enjoy the sunshine and river views again. Hosted by Ryan, the restaurant’s general manager, he was a bit unsure of why we were there to begin with, yet he remained friendly and quickly handed over the menus, before returning for our drink choices. Maybe it was the good vibes and sunny atmosphere or something else, but we decided to go with a cocktail each. 

Picking the Strawberry Sling, we were amazed by the beautifully refreshing taste. Created with gin, the cocktail mixes fresh strawberry purée with pineapple juice, before pouring over ice and adding a cherry on top. With the sun on our skin, it was just what we needed. In fact, it felt like we had gone on a holiday in our home town. It was simply that good! 

After enjoying a few sips, we returned to the menu to pick out our starters. Opting for the tapas selection, which we had sampled at the taster session, we decided to branch out and try a few dishes that differed from the night. Choosing two each to share between us, we went with the Salt and Pepper Squid, Mini Beef Brisket Chilli, Garlic and Parmesan Fried Chicken Wings, Korean King Prawns and Spicy Beef Quesadilla

Unfortunately, the team forget to bring us the prawns, however, we were fine with this as the other tapas options were fantastic. Each dish was cooked perfectly. The meat was tender and full of flavour, whilst the fish was soft, with no tough chewy texture in sight. Whilst eating the wings, the meat just fell off the bone, highlighting just how beautifully it had been prepared. The chilli had a kick to it, however, it was too much. 

With a dollop of the added dip it was simply perfect. A fact that was also found whilst eating the quesadillas, which were fluffy, light and full of gorgeous flavours that popped on the tongue. Having such delightful dishes in front of us meant it wasn’t long before the food was all gone. 

Luckily, Ryan returned quickly to take our main meal options. Having been inspired by the tapas, we went for the main version of the Beef Brisket Chilli, which came with spicy rice, spring onions, red chilli’s and yogurt alongside it. 

As well as the refreshing Thai Coconut Prawn Noodles. With not much of a wait, we could smell the delicious scents of our food as they were brought out to us. 

Placing the Beef Brisket Chilli in front of us, you could see the richness of the dish. The heat was steaming off it, leading to a gorgeous scent explosion that had us dipping in before we knew it. Adding the rice to the beef, the cooling element of the yogurt, made this a dish that just kept on giving!

You could tell that everything had been freshly prepared. The tomatoes in the dish provided a sense that they had just come off the vine, whilst the beef fell apart in the month in a gorgeous way. It represented a home cooked vibe. It was a dish made to host guests and Quattro Lounge had succeeded in every way. 

Whilst the chilli was being enjoyed, we also tucked into the Thai Coconut Prawn Noodles. Made with chilli-marinated king prawns, fresh noodles, park Choi, pickled carrots, spring onions, sugar snap peas and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, the ingredients were delivered in a spicy coconut broth that brought it all together fantastically! Every ingredient was fresh, crunchy and full of flavour. 

The care and attention that had been used to make the noodles made it all work perfectly. The noodles were not too soft or soggy. The vegetables were tender but also crisp enough that they had a fantastic burst of flavour when bitten into. Plus, the broth was to die for! Honestly, no noodle dish has ever matched up to what was experienced during this course. In the middle of summer or the heart of winter, it will leave you feeling all warm and cosy inside. Something the chilli will do too. 

As an added extra to both dishes, to help soak up the sauces, we also opted for a side dish of garlic ciabatta. Gorgeously toasted, the garlic butter was plentiful, dripping onto our tongues and leaving a beautiful taste behind with each bite. The bread allowed for the further wonders to be found when sampled with each main. We even discussed ordering more of it, to have on its own, we loved it that much. 

Taking a little break between each course, we embraced the sunshine on the warm Saturday evening, before making our dessert choices. Picking the same, we both went with the Churros, which came with a beautifully rich chocolate and a superb salted caramel dipping sauce selection. Popping the churros into each one, the chocolates oozed off the fried sticks of wonder. 

Having the most gorgeous crunch to them, it was a pure delight to experience all the different tastes as they arrived on our tongues. The sugary sweet goodness helped to cleanse our palettes in the most perfect of ways. There was no greasy feel to the churros, just a sugary sweetness that hit all the right spots. Plus, the sauces again had that freshness to them that made them perfect for dipping. The chocolate was runny, highlighting how it hadn’t been sat around. A similar finding with the caramel sauce too. It was the perfect dish to end a fantastic meal. 

Opting for another few drinks before we left, we headed out into the night with a sense of utter fulfilment. The whole Quattro Lounge team should be proud of everything they have and are creating. The food is superb. The drinks are gorgeous. The atmosphere is the best in Hertford. Whilst sitting enjoying it all, it is safe to say that Hertford has done alive since it arrived and long may it reign on! 

I can’t thank the team enough for allowing us this opportunity! I know for sure that we will be back soon to experience even more! Quattro Lounge has made us into firm fans for certain! 

Joey X

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