Five Things That Help Me Get Through SAD In Summer


Whilst many people suffer from SAD in winter, I struggle with it badly during the summer months. With the world seeming overjoyed at the return of the sun, I long for the days of autumn and winter. However, over the last few years, I have found a few things that have helped me get through the days. Find out what they are here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now, I don’t want to start the day on a low note, however, recently I’ve been feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many people get it during winter, yet, I find myself suffering from it more in summer. As someone who longs for autumn and winter, the most festive times of the year, it can be really tough. 

I’m not someone who likes the overbearing heat, as my body can’t deal with the differing temperatures. My ED makes it hard to know how to dress and being uncomfortable makes my anxiety sore. Yet, over the years, I have found ways to try and manage these feelings in a way that makes me feel a little better. 

Taking each day as it comes is an essential whilst the following five things I do are helpful in there own little way too. Here are just a few tips to help you feel better if you are like me during the summer lovelies…

Remember Not All Is As It Seems: Every few weeks, I do a social media audit. Unfollowing accounts that make me feel a bit shitty, I only keep the ones that I know make me feel better. Summer is a time when people go out, take lots of pictures and share them with the world. However, just remember that they aren’t always as they seem. If your life is more messy then spring cleaned it’s okay! Remember this summer that life is about taking it easy and those social media posts that seem too good to be true probably are. So, please don’t worry about them. 

Forget About A Bikini Body: This can simply FUCK OFF! Got a bikini, put it on and there is your bikini body. Summer is a shitty time for body shaming or guilt tripping and I’m not here for it. My ED thrives on the idea of exercising and cutting out food from seeing it mentioned all the time, yet, I don’t want to go back to that place and so I’m saying no to the bikini body summer trend. Ignore it as much as you can lovely and embrace who you are. You are all gorgeous and the sunshine sees it. 

Don’t Obsess About The BBQ: Our house has never been a big BBQ household and that’s okay. We don’t see the need for burnt burgers, undercooked sausages and charred vegetables. In fact, I still like my autumn comforts in the heat of summer. Having learnt more about why this is from my therapist, I am going to not feel guilty for enjoying them in summer this year. My ED won’t hold me back from possibly trying new dishes if I can do them in summer, yet, I won’t stop enjoying the safe foods or comforts I like from winter too. Eat what you want to lovely and don’t worry that it hasn’t come off the grills! A bowl of Cornflakes with cold milk on a hot day is just as good! 

Take Time To Reset: See people lounging by the pool? Sitting on the beach? Summer is a great time to see people actually resting and allowing your body to do so too. I’ve already scheduled a whole day in bed on my birthday. Summer is a perfect time to just chill out. Even if it isn’t in the sun but under your duvet instead.

Wear Your Comfiest Clothes: Throughout summer, I find myself living in jumpsuits. Big, baggy jumpsuits with t-shirts underneath and Vans, Toms or trainers on my feet. I make a summer uniform in some ways and I’m happy, comfy and a bit more confident in them. If you find the summer trends hard to handle then don’t worry lovelies. Wear what you want to and embrace the fact that you are your own person with your styles.

The tips above are just a few suggestions lovely, which I hope can help you rest a little better throughout the summer. If you have any others, please do let me know, as I love to hear your ideas and suggestions! Also, never be afraid to talk to others about the summertime sadness that can occur. I’m sure there are many people who feel the same way. Remember, I am always here to talk to and help too! 

Joey X

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