Belt Up For A Fashionable Summer With Pampeano!


Summer is the perfect time to bring out the accessories! From jewellery to sunglasses, the little elements that make up a whole outfit can really turn it into something else that make it pop. Especially when it comes to belts, which can transform how a piece looks. Something that I can certainly say the brand Pampeano are doing with their absolute stunning creations!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

For me, summer is the time when I break out the jumpsuits and loose clothing. Away go the joggers and sweatshirts, out come the spirit jerseys, short sleeve t-shirts and my favourite all in one pieces. However, due to my condition, these loose items can sometimes look a bit too big, so I find myself looking for items to bring a bit of definition. 

When the brand, Pampeano, got in touch with me asking if I would like to review one of their belts I was very excited. Made to fit, their colourful creations blend the most beautiful hand stitched Argentine leather with gorgeous threads to make a clothing masterpiece. 

After opting for the Hermoso chunky creation, I was treated with a gorgeous pink and navy blue patterned piece, housed in a perfectly sized box. Popping it on over my jumpsuit, which is plain black, the colours came alive. It made the look feel refreshed, after owning and wearing the same jumpsuit for years. 

Known around the world, I have to admit that this was my first time ever trying or hearing about the brand. Yet, my experience has been a game changer. You can tell that the belts are made to last. Super strong, with plenty of holes, the material is so smooth, making it easy to see why they must be washed and cared for with leather cream by hand. You would not to ruin your chosen item! 

Upon seeing the belt, which is priced at £79, my mum was interested in knowing what else the brand created. Seeing their bags online, she was quick to pick out a few favourites, which I think was a subtle hint towards her birthday that is coming up. Big and small, they have one in the perfect size for all, as the brand prides itself on being a unisex creator. 

Having worn the belt a number of times now, I feel confident every time I add it to a look. I’ve even been complemented on it! Taking my look to new heights for a new season, I am now intrigued to see what other pieces I can purchase to go with other outfits throughout the year. I feel like a brown inspired belt would look perfect in autumn.

Pampeano should be very proud of how great their items are! The belts are beautifully created. Bringing a sense of new found style to any outfit, they are an accessories creator who I would happily recommend to others. I know when my brother gets a feel of this belt he will be looking for his own! Head to their website to find more of their designs lovelies! You may just be strapping up for a stylish summer too! 

Joey X

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