Life Begins At Any Age! My Mum Is Proof Of This!


Ever felt like you are at a stage in your life where you can’t change anything? Well, that’s not the case, as you are never too old, young or experienced to make a better difference to your life. Last month, my mum proved to me just that and I wanted to share her story, which I think is really inspiration to us all!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

At the start of the year, I made a vow to my mum that I would make this year her year. Over the past few years, she has had to put up with, well, shit! She’s lost the love of her life, faced horrific actions from family members towards her, cared for me and had her house turned upside down. Yet, she has always stayed motivated, positive and supportive throughout. Even though she states that she doesn’t always feel that way. 

Recently, I have seen her lose her joy for her job. After 33 years in the same role, she was faced with someone at work being horrible to her. She was spoken down to. Made to feel like she couldn’t do her job and left hanging out to dry, in a state of pure limbo about her position. All of which left her coming home angry,sad and sometimes in tears. 

The final straw for me came in May, when she was sent an email with pictures accusing her of not doing her work. However, this was not the case and often many people in her employment area praise her for what she does. Coming home in tears of frustration, I told her a change was going to happen. I promised her that things would get better and finally she asked me to help her apply for new jobs. 

I got to work on creating a CV for her. I started looking up jobs and sending off applications. Even applying for roles that she didn’t know about but that I knew would be perfect for her, including her dream role of working in a nursery. Ever since I was little, I had always known that this is what she wanted to be and that became my aim. 

After less than a week, she was emailed by a local care centre to speak about being an Early Years Assistant. The following day she had a phone call and the following Monday, she was invited in to meet the team, play with the children and to find out more about if the role was right for her. Meeting her when she came out of this session made me witness one of the biggest smiles I have seen on her face in years. 

A smile that proved to me that no matter what age, sex, race or religion you are, you can do anything you want. My mum had never had a CV. She hadn’t been for a job interview in over 33 years. Yet, at the age of 61, nearly 62, she went after her goal. And she aced it! 

Seeing her get to her dream showed me that you can achieve anything at any time. Honestly, I had never been prouder than I was in that moment. In fact, I still feel so proud. Making these changes has brought  new sense of life out in my mum and I love it. 

Today lovelies, I hope you all feel inspired by her determination and goals. Apply for that job. Go and book that dream trip abroad. Tell that person you love them if you haven’t. Tell society to fuck off and live your own life. As I approach 30, I am starting to think that I may just end up calling them my fuck it thirties! Because life has no limits and it can begin or begin again at any age! My mum is living proof and I love it! 

Joey X

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