How I Prepared For Christmas 2024 In May!


June marks the halfway mark until the greatest day of the year! Since January, I have been planning my big 2024 celebrations and last month this meant breaking out a huge helping hand. The budget planner! The one essential that I pull out every December has been brought out early to help me break down where I need to spread my festive spending!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is getting closer! This month will mark the halfway mark to it,however, before we get ahead of ourselves, I thought I would share how I prepared for it in May. A time where some days actually felt a bit Christmas like due to the weather! 

I didn’t manage to get much done in regard to Christmas in May, as we had a few birthdays, home renovations and personal matters. However, my Christmas filled heart did start to plan it, as I got out my Christmas planner and started organising who I needed to buy presents for. 

Writing down names, gift ideas and budgets made it a lot easier for me to see where I can start plotting out when and where I can get presents. Some I have now already brought or organised. This means that when it comes to December, I can kick back and simply relax, with only the wrapping needing to be done. 

Budget planners can be brought for a really low amount at places like Home Bargains or The Card Factory lovelies, so take a look there. I find that they make the process of saving and coming up with ideas a lot easier. 

I hope that this little tip helps get you in the Christmas mood early lovelies, whilst helping you to save and enjoy the season more! Only six months to go and I honestly can’t wait! Who else is with me? 


Joey X

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