My May 2024 New Food Finds


It’s time to discover the newest foods that I have introduced into my diet in the last month, in hopes to beat a little bit more of my ED! Of course, it had to feature a lovely jam, however, there were a whole host of beautifully tasting finds to go alongside it. Find out all about them and where to find them here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

I decided that after a lot of changes in April, I needed to take a bit of an easier month in May when it came to food changes. My mind had got a little bit overwhelmed by it all and so I needed to relax a little to help not slip backwards. 

However, I did make a few changes to my normal meal plan, which have helped introduce me to some new food finds that I have really enjoyed. They include…

Tesco’s Soft White Finger Rolls, 90p: After having their normal rolls, I decided to branch out and try their hot dog rolls instead. Super soft, fluffy and longer lasting, I have to admit that I prefer these a lot more. And my mum definitely agrees with me!

Sainsbury’s Prepared Broccoli Florets, £1.50: I’m trying to eat a bit healthier and these prepared broccoli florets pair up perfectly with any meal. I love to steam them and enjoy with a sweet potato and bulgur wheat. Truly lush!

M&S Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam, £1.10: In April, I wanted to try some lower sugar jams. I brought a super expensive one, however, it didn’t taste good at all. Heading back to own brands, this one from M&S is a clear winner in my eyes. It has super chunky pieces of strawberry in it with a gorgeous real sweet flavour, not a sugar loaded one.

Tesco’s Watermelon Fingers, 60p: I love melon! However, I find it hard to chose which one to have, in equal parts due to me and my ED. Recently, I was faced with my normal honeydew slices being sold out. I really struggled for a few days but braved getting the watermelon slices. Now, I feel super set for summer, as the easy, already prepped packs make these super tasty. 

Mixed Mini Chocolates: Finally, I wanted to talk about a little achievement I made! I had started to fear the mini chocolates in Heroes, Celebrations and Quality Street tubs again. To help combat it, I made a vow that I would not buy anymore until I had finished the ones in my pot. That meant not sticking to just the toffee fingers and fudges. Now, I’m branching out again and enjoy Mars, Milkyways and Malteaser minis once more.

What did you have in May that you enjoyed eating lovelies?

Joey X

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