We Love STIGA’s Epic New Gardening Tool That will Help You Shear This Summer!


Whether you are an experienced or new gardener, there are always tools on hand to help you get the most out of the experience to make your garden look lush. Whilst some gardening tools can look terrifying, the new STIGA battery powered pruning sears are super light and easy to use. You will have your garden looking amazing in no time at all!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the past few months, the brand STIGA has become a gardening powerhouse in our home. From chainsaws to mowers, they have everything you need to make the gardening experience a breeze. A fact that we have proven, as we have tried many of them now, loving each and every one of them. 

A few weeks ago, we received another to try, which we were so thankful for. The STIGA SC 100e kit pruning shears, are a new invention that provides a comfortable pruning experience thanks to its handy battery and efficient cutting functions. Handing the tool over to my mum, she soon charged it up and got to work with it. 

Normally, when it comes to pruning our garden, my mum uses manual cutters. However, this often leads to her having bad shoulder and arm ache from the amount of force and the lifting she has done using them. Yet, with these battery operated sears, there was none of that. 

With easy to grip non-slip handles, the pruners were quickly charged and ready to take down the big bushy plant we have in our garden. Finding the perfect spot to start the process, my mum touched the on button and aware she went. For a job that would normally take hours, the cutting was done in hardly anytime at all. 

My mum did take a few moments to stop and double check everything, using the helpful standup by locking system. She even altered the blade settings, as the tool has three options to choose from to work with varying branch sizes. Yet, the blades are so sharp that I think any of them could cut straight through in a very clean way. A fact my mum tested and proved. 

When she was out in the garden, I was expecting a lot of noise, however, there was none. For around an hour and a half she used the tools and it seemed like the battery wasn’t even used. There was still plenty of charge to keep going for hours. An element that proves its adaptability, as there was some really thick branches that could have used a lot of energy being cut. 

By the end of using them for the first time, my mum had only spent an hour and a half doing everything she needed to. Normally, the scale of work she did would have taken a whole day. The garden looked neat and tidy, with a sense of calm being restored. The sears also allowed for less pain for my mum, who never once moaned after using them. In fact, she went on more about how much she liked them. 

With a number of STIGA tools in our shed now, each one just makes us love the brand more. Each one has made our gardening experience easier and as we renovate we are finding more and more things to use them on. My mum even lent these shears to her best friend, who is now investing in a pair of her own after being so impressed! Therefore lovelies, if you are in need of some gardening help, then STIGA is the place to look! You will find just the right tool with them, I promise! 

Joey X

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