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Books and reading are an essential part of every child’s life. However, sadly, not enough children are reading anymore. In the hopes to change this, a brand new book set from author Jane Huddleston focuses on mixing historical fun with educational fiction. Discover all about how your child or children can fall in love and enjoy the Sunburst Dragons series this summer here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

We all have a certain book that we all loved to read when we were younger. For me, it was the brilliant Funny Bones series, whilst my brother Gio loved Cops and Robbers! A fact that I think inspired him to want to be in the police force for a long time. However, unfortunately, lots of children nowadays are not reading enough. A really sad fact. 

For some, it is not having access to them, whilst for others they simply don’t enjoy reading that much.  A fact that Jane Huddleston wants to change with her glorious new book series called the Sunburst City Dragons

Full of fun activities and stories, the series is full of immersive elements that make your child fall even more for them. Set around the lives of ten very different dragon friends, who all inhabit a secret life and have fun names such as Bob, Lucy and Harry, there are six books out at the moment, filled with clues to help the plot go along. 

From lunch finding elements to even sums and colouring in, the books reflect a learning but lovely treat on each page. When little ones get their hands on them, they will love the bright colours and stories as they are read to them, whilst older children will enjoy the higher word counts on each page. You will probably find, if you have more than one child, that it is also a series that will allow them to bond, as the older ones can confidently read the stories to the little ones. 

Whilst the series may not be as big as others, I really hope that more people find out about it. The stories are a real delight. The characters are super lovable. The interactive elements are superb. I really felt that you get so much out of them. I know for a fact that if I was little again I would have loved being able to read a story whilst playing too. Plus, they are actually more affordable than a kids magazine these days. 

Sunburst City Dragons website is full of helpful tips on how to get the most out of the series, highlighting the journals, colouring books and more that coincide with the story book set. Hours will honestly be lost with these books. 

I liked how much you could learn from them too. I think that if you wanted to keep on top of all your child’s needs in the school holidays, these would be a super fun way to do it. Honestly, you won’t be able to stop loving these dragons once you let them in! 

Joey X

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