Five Unique Birthday Present Ideas Everyone Will Love!


Birthdays seem to all come in one big rush in our house! Starting from May and ending in September, it feels like there isn’t a week that doesn’t go by where we don’t have one! This means that we always have to be prepared with presents to give. Here are some fun different and interesting gifts to give to the people you love!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

In just a few days time, it will be my mum’s birthday! Every year, I love to spoil her, as she is the hardest and most loving person I know. As she reaches another orbit around the sun, I do struggle though with finding gifts for her. She has always been someone who doesn’t know what she wants, so I’ve had to get creative. 

Looking up ideas online, coming up with some of my own and even making joint gifts with my brother, I have now got a whole host of ways to give a unique present for less. Many of which being very personal too! The five ideas below are just a few of them, which I hope can help you give the best gifts ever…

A Voucher Book: Using word, a plastic folder and some shop brought gift cards, I loved the idea of making a voucher book using gift cards from their favourite places. Simply create a story and place the vouchers where they work. I’ve seen this be done from teachers, parents and more online. 

Create A Gourmet Meal Around A Moment In History: Forget going out for a meal, make a specially themed one at home. If you have a special memory or event that you always recall, make the whole menu focus in around it. Even if you buy all the food in, the ideas behind each course will mean a lot. 

Make A Dream Come True: Whilst some dreams can be big, a lot of people have small achievable ones that they just haven’t got round to fulfilling. Making one of them come true would be better than any present. Have they always wanted to be in two places at once? Go to the in between of two of you local areas and put one foot in each section. Have they wanted to get a tattoo? Buy some fun temporary ones or even book them in for the real deal. A little can go a long way. 

Bake A Cake: It may seem like an easy one, however, think about it, when was the last time someone baked you a birthday cake? In fact, have you ever had a homemade one and not one from the shops? Taking the time to make a persons favourite cake and then decorating it shows how much you love them a lot. My mum always adores a coffee and walnut one on her birthday. 

Surprise Them With A Big Event: Can’t think of what to give someone but can organise the hell out of an event? Use your skills to sort out a big surprise, which they will virtually unwrap when they find out what it is. A huge family gathering. A day trip to one of their favourite places. A picnic in the park. The possibilities are endless. 

Over the course of the next few days, I will be springing some of these on my mum to celebrate her big day! Will you be using any of my ideas lovelies? Let me know or better yet show me your creations or events! I would love to see them!

Joey X

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