My May 2024 Monthly Favourites!


Free magazines, a binge worthy new TV show and many special moments had with my mum. These are just a few of my favourite things from the month of May! Plus, a whole lot more that made May 2024 a month that I will never forget. Find out what made the list here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Well, it was gonna be May and then it was gone! Honestly, did we sleep right through it? It seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. However, that does mean that we are now fully ready to embrace summer and enjoy the fruits that it brings. 

The early summer joys did bring out some goodness in May for me, including these new favourites of mine…

My Favourite App: Libby - As someone who grew up loving magazines, I still find joy in them. Although, they can be quite costly! Thankfully, my local library has an app called Libby, which allows you to read them for free if you have a library card. It’s absolutely brilliant and saves me so much money.

My Favourite TV Show/Film: Maxton Hall - When I say that this is a favourite, I mean it. The day it was released I watched it all. Then I did the same thing the day after and the rest of the weekend. I’m truly obsessed with this enemies to lovers series. I’m begging for a second and third series to follow the books it’s based on.

My Favourite Food Find: Watermelon - Do you ever have them foods that remind you of summer? For me, watermelon is one of them. I can always remember sitting with my dad, tucking into a giant one on his table. I love the stuff and thankfully May reintroduced it into my life after I braved having it again. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Pimple Patches - I don’t stick with just one brand, yet, the art of a pimple patch is fantastic! I had a random pimple appear on my chin, popped one of these on and in no time at all it was gone. I’m now obsessed with them! 

My Favourite Podcast: Exhibit A - Abbey Clancy is leading the way with this new podcast. Full of experts baring all, the first episode with Mo Gawdet is a game changer. Have a listen as soon as you can lovelies. You will get a lot out of them.

My Favourite Experience: Helping My Mum - Since January, I have been trying to help my mum as much as possible. After some terrible moments last year, it was one of my goals to make her life better. The middle of May brought that out in me and I helped find a builder, who completed all the floors in our house. I applied for new jobs for her and got her a role within one week. I made sure she got a treat most days and organised an afternoon tea at home to bring her joy. These little moments made May super special to me. 

What did you do, use or fall in love with in May? Let me know lovelies, as I would love to spread the joy! 

Joey X

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