Elevate Your Chips This Summer With Flower City Flavor Company’s New Vinegar


Fish & Chips, salads, even a good old rice dish, all of these can be elevated with the addition of a fantastic vinegar! However, have you ever had a malt vinegar that was aged in bourbon smoked barrels? Well, you might just be about to thanks to this fantastic new product from Flower City Flavor Company. Get ready to really get stuck in!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Growing up, it was a tradition that as soon as we headed to our caravan for the holidays, we had to get the classic seaside dish of fish and chips. They had to come from the same place and they had to be absolutely coated in salt and vinegar! So much so that they would make the car smell delicious from them. 

We weren’t ever a family though that tried different things on them, even when my mum made homemade ones, as we stuck to salt, vinegar and a big dollop or either ketchup or mayonnaise. However, times have changed and now, we love to give things a go. I may struggle to do so, however, it does feel me with a sense of pride if I can manage to do it. 

This was one of the reasons I was so interested in learning more about the Flower City Flavor Company’s new collaboration with the Iron Smoke Distillery in Fairport, New York. Together, the pair had made the Bourbon Barrel Malt Vinegar. Although the vinegar isn’t available in the UK yet, I wanted to tell you all about it, as I love helping readers around the world find new products to enjoy. 

Kindly gifted a bottle, I waited a few weeks for it to arrive, before being greeted by the beautiful dark bottle. Filled to the top, you could smell the smoky notes from the barrels as soon as you unscrewed the top of it. It smelt like a premium brand, however, for a beautifully crafted topping, my mum said it was totally worth it. 

Eager to try it, she heated up the air fryer and got to work on rustling up some chips for herself. Cutting up the potatoes to be chunky but perfect, she let them cook, before popping them onto a plate alongside the rest of her meal. A burger that looked delicious too. 

After a quick dash of salt, she took the bottle and splashed it all over the chips. Getting all the aromas filling up the air made our house smell delightful. The chips gleamed under the beauty of the vinegar and my mum couldn’t even wait to get to the table before enjoying it. 

Perfectly mixed with the salt, she moaned at the taste. Enjoying every bite, she started telling me that the vinegar had taken the meal to the next level. Tangy, smoky and super rich, she said it was gorgeous. So much so that she is thinking of using the vinegar to do her roast potatoes in. 

Finishing her meal, she happily stated that until it had run out, she would be using the vinegar on any dish she had in which it could be included. This made it the ultimate winner in both of our eyes and so I couldn’t wait to tell you all just how good it was. 

As we wait for it to come out here in the UK, I hope that all of you who can get their hands on it enjoy it! The product is on their website now and is truly a real delight! It’s time to get the chips ready for a splash and a dash of this! 

Joey X

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